Sound Waves #004 – Music Recommendations

Recommended Listening “Sorry” from Paper Ashtray has a fabulous old school goth feel with interwoven strings and standout vocals making this dark pop song one to add to your playlist.  Paper Ashtray Socials: Bandcamp • Instagram “Manipulation Man” from Anakyn Gray is fusion of alternative rock, electronic, hip-hop, and pop, with a touch of quirky. […]

Strawflower – Haunting of the Hollywood Hills

LA-based surf rock and psych pop outfit Strawflower has released their latest single Haunting of the Hollywood Hills off their LP Greetings from the Stardust Motel. The band conjures a dreamlike version of South California that’s deserted, full of empty beaches and haunting hills. Like the neon signs flashing on the street streets of LA […]

Stefan West – Slow Down World

Stefan West shines an honest light to the struggles of living in the 21st century in his new single Slow Down World. The latest single from Aussie singer-songwriter Stefan West carries a sentiment that many people around the world could empathize with. Stefan pleads for everything to slow down as the pressures of the world […]

Mike and Mandy – Caught the Bug

Mike and Mandy release their latest single “Caught the Bug”, which tells the story of a vulnerable soul getting caught in the trap of lies and deception. This compelling tale is presented in a melting pot of hip-hop, pop and 80’s new wave, with an atmospheric touch that touches on the theatrical and gothic. It […]

Sophia Stephens – Fervor

Sophia Stephens is a young and promising singer-songwriter you might want to check out as she could be the next big thing. Hailing from Indiana, she released her brilliant first EP in 2023. Having already written 3 albums and 300 songs worth of material, she is slated to record her first full album next year. […]

Giack Bazz – Funny Days

Giack Bazz is back at it again with a new single in “Funny Days”, which is set to release on March 12, 2024. We’ve reviewed his previous single “The Moon is Painted” just recently on the website and we’re already impressed by his grandiose vision in using orchestral instruments to accompany his rock sensibilities. This […]

The Flying Beets – Villain

The Flying Beets have released their highly-anticipated third single Villain. The Forth-Worth based rock trio have been consistently producing masterful alt-rock songs rooted in strong vocals and classic sounds ever since their start in 2022. Villain is highlighted by Nathan Waller’s powerful songwriting and vocals–a specialty of his that is well-known around the local scene. […]

DELPREzTON -Twenty Four Hours

DELPREzTON releases their own rendition of Joy Division’s Twenty Four Hours, a 1980s classic from the band’s second album ‘Closer’. This will be the second cover that DELPREzTON, a.k.a. Gilbert Morin released for this year their rendition of Prong’s “Snap your fingers, Snap your neck” at the very start of the year. Morin debuted his […]

Head Sound – Optimistic

It’s impressive how Head Sound combines sound and emotion so seamlessly in their latest single ‘Optimistic’. Inspired by the greats before them like My Bloody Valentine, Slowdive, Radiohead, and Brian Eno, the band continues to craft and refine their sonic palette to great effect, and the results are nothing short of spectacular. This isn’t the […]

Tenderhooks – Palace Pier

Tenderhooks is a Brighton, UK-based indie rock / retro-pop band that demands your attention. Their latest single Palace Pier is out now and is a good starting point to check them out before diving into their vast discography. The band’s hallmark is in their name–their knack for crafting catchy hooks with interesting rhythmic shifts makes […]

Better Before – Shine

San Diego-based rockers Better Before have brought an electrifying hardcore delight with their latest single Shine. If you love sweaty mosh pits like I do then this is definitely a must add to your bring-the-house-down playlist. Better Before are dedicated to creating a melodic and fast-paced punk sound, and they definitely achieved that and more. […]

Aristo G – Overdrive

It is not often that we find an artist here on Buzzyband that already has a great artistic voice but still has a lot of potential to grow even more. Such is the case for Melbourne, Australia’s one man disco punk artist Aristo G. Their latest single Overdrive is out now and is surely to […]