LA-based surf rock and psych pop outfit Strawflower has released their latest single Haunting of the Hollywood Hills off their LP Greetings from the Stardust Motel. The band conjures a dreamlike version of South California that’s deserted, full of empty beaches and haunting hills. Like the neon signs flashing on the street streets of LA at night, the song’s riffs are bright and flashy, with plenty of embellishments and fills on either side of the mix. This attractive facade is contrasted by the lyrics, which paints our narrator in a hazy and harrowing experience. They have found themselves at a house party where things are not what they seem, and slowly the panic sets in as they try to recall everything they drank or what else they took. 

Strawflower describes their music as “desert-rock”, which is a fitting encapsulation of their gritty rock n’ roll that leans heavy on psychedelia. The band takes heavy inspiration from the locale and all the myths and legends that surround them. Hollywood Hills was specifically inspired by LA noirs like Mulholland Drive, Sunset Boulevard, and The Big Lebowski. What I find amusing is that it could easily be on those movies’ soundtracks.    

Strawflower makes a good first impression through highway-roaring riffs backed with great storytelling. In Haunting of the Hollywood Hills, they’ve coalesced their vivid imagination into a great listening experience. Catch this song on all digital streaming platforms.

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