Tenderhooks is a Brighton, UK-based indie rock / retro-pop band that demands your attention. Their latest single Palace Pier is out now and is a good starting point to check them out before diving into their vast discography. The band’s hallmark is in their name–their knack for crafting catchy hooks with interesting rhythmic shifts makes for a great listening experience. 

The band’s influences are also as wide as the many songs they’ve written. Palace Pier shares echoes of Elton John, The Bee Gees, and The Beatles to name a few. Markus Leinweber’s chord progression on the keys is a total killer, and Charl Cronje matches the mood with his vocals that glide between tender and gritty. The chorus elevates the whole song’s energy, signaling to the listener that there’s a journey up ahead. Seriously, there isn’t a boring note in Palace Pier. All in all, it’s a guaranteed good time with a nostalgic, retro feel. 

Palace Pier is a testament to the hard work Tenderhooks has built over the years. I’m optimistic about the trajectory for this talented quartet as they have steadily gained a following after playing at a few festivals in the South of England. This latest single is a classic tender love song that’s brilliantly composed. An earworm of a ballad that could capture audiences’ hearts. Go ahead and have a listen.

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