The Flying Beets have released their highly-anticipated third single Villain. The Forth-Worth based rock trio have been consistently producing masterful alt-rock songs rooted in strong vocals and classic sounds ever since their start in 2022. Villain is highlighted by Nathan Waller’s powerful songwriting and vocals–a specialty of his that is well-known around the local scene. David Cross and Kenn Scott round out the band on the rhythm section, enhancing their sound with a strong and punchy gravitas.

Villain starts off with a twangy, swinging rhythm. The acoustic guitar suddenly turns up in intensity as the lyrics veer from a measured coolness to a darkening angst. The song’s narrator is burning inside as they try to deal with their antagonist’s menacing ways. The slow simmer turns into a rolling boil as our viewpoint character is slowly being forced to fight fire with fire.

The Flying Beet’s sound is heavily influenced by the 90’s alt rock. Waller’s vocals have the grit and intensity that channels Eddie Vedder and Kurt Cobain, but with the agility to exhibit restraint depending on the song’s artistic directions. The band isn’t going solely after nostalgia but to make their own mark on rock. 

The Flying Beets have managed to conquer their Villain with this new single, and they keep soaring high with every release.

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