DELPREzTON releases their own rendition of Joy Division’s Twenty Four Hours, a 1980s classic from the band’s second album ‘Closer’. This will be the second cover that DELPREzTON, a.k.a. Gilbert Morin released for this year their rendition of Prong’s “Snap your fingers, Snap your neck” at the very start of the year. Morin debuted his EP DEAD PARROT SKETCH last year in October 2023, consisting of songs influenced by the 80’s wave and gothic post-punk, with a little bit of grunge. 

Morin wears his inspiration in his sleeve, and his passion bleeds through in every one of his creations. He’s managed to craft his own sound, picking up from the giants of such an avante-garde scene. Joy Division was a visionary of sound, and riffing on them would be a daunting pursuit, but DELPREzTON managed to pull through, stamping it with his unique voice and adding some grit while paying homage to the legends he was inspired by.

Twenty Four Hours is a frantic number, with its narrator battling against themselves in their darkest hour. The last line “Gotta find my destiny before it gets too late” is one that resonates with many fans. DELPREzTON’s rendition is proof that he has the means to fulfill that destiny and pick up the baton for modern, dark, post-punk.

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