Mike and Mandy release their latest single “Caught the Bug”, which tells the story of a vulnerable soul getting caught in the trap of lies and deception. This compelling tale is presented in a melting pot of hip-hop, pop and 80’s new wave, with an atmospheric touch that touches on the theatrical and gothic. It starts with a woman being told they are pretty, along with the promises of approval and affirmation, only to be lured into a nefarious web that’s nigh impossible to wriggle out of.   

What I find very intriguing about this song is how Mike and Mandy manage to build it with such wild and imaginative elements while keeping the end result focused and still contemporary. The two have very different backgrounds, with Mike previously working in acid-jazz after a stint in punk/ska while Mandy has a country, folk and rock background. The two met professionally on a Shakespeare play, fell in love and started collaborating in between road trips.

Caught the Bug is just one of their many highly creative pieces. It’s a cautionary tale, an alluring R&B/hip-hop tune and a theatrical show tune in one. The combination of Mike and Mandy is a potent one, and I’d like to invite you all to give them a listen and enjoy their highly imaginative world.

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