San Diego-based rockers Better Before have brought an electrifying hardcore delight with their latest single Shine. If you love sweaty mosh pits like I do then this is definitely a must add to your bring-the-house-down playlist. Better Before are dedicated to creating a melodic and fast-paced punk sound, and they definitely achieved that and more. With Shine, they have managed to pull out the sun, wrapped it in a ball and chain and swung it around with their brilliant melodies and intense rhythms. 

Shine is the type of song you know will sound better in a live environment, as even through my headphones I can feel the intensity and allure of the open field calling me to dance with my elbows and fists swinging about. Every element of this song is well-put together. It’s hard to wrap my head around how such a chaotic-feeling punk song can actually be so technically well composed. I guess that’s just rock and roll baby! 

As far as our research tells us, this is the first track from Better Before, so it’s even more impressive how much they’ve managed to swing for the fences and land so strongly. Better Before Shines with an unmistakable brilliance in their latest single, and we’re excited to see what they’ll offer next.

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