Sophia Stephens is a young and promising singer-songwriter you might want to check out as she could be the next big thing. Hailing from Indiana, she released her brilliant first EP in 2023. Having already written 3 albums and 300 songs worth of material, she is slated to record her first full album next year. We’ll be reviewing Stephens’ exciting new single Fervor, which she wrote after being fascinated with the word, saying she would want to ‘encompass its meaning in a way that was dark but informative’. 

Fervor is a cautionary tale about loving someone with an uncontrolled passion. Stephens’ voice is strong, with a deep resonance that’s perfect for the foreboding warnings she sings towards her lover, but her soft falsetto and harmonies can also be just as gentle and sweet. The range, contrast, and dynamics she exhibits is honestly better than other pop stars working right now. She could honestly be on par with contemporary acts like Lana Del Ray and Florence. With her distinctive sound and love of songwriting at just the tender age of 17, it seems the sky’s the limit for this gem of an artist.Sophia Stephens is no diamond in the rough, with Fervor and her 2023 EP Remnantal, she proves that she’s got what it takes to be a star (should she choose). Either way, we’re excited for what’s next.

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