Null – 2 for Flinching

Null is one of those acts that were able to grab our attention immediately here at Buzzyband. The Salt Lake

Gloomchurch – matching luck

The first time I listened to Gloomchurch’s 2020 EP, I felt in awe of their ability to create wondrous compositions

Sick Wish – Goodbye Sun Hello Moon

Sick Wish is a post-punk/new wave outfit from Boise, Idaho who boasts a sound that merges the old and the

Hum – Inlet

Hum dishes out a comeback album after a 22 year hiatus. Inlet was released in bandcamp with no advance warning,

Hum – Downward is Heavenward

Following-up their smash hit “Stars”, Hum doubled down for their 1998 release Downward is Heavenward. I’ve been trying not to

Hum – You’d Prefer An Astronaut

Today we’ll be looking at the third album from Hum. The one that skyrocketed them into the fringes of the

Hum – Electra2000

Electra2000 is the second album from Hum, and it’s here that you can see them start honing into their signature

Hum – Fillet Show

The rock community has suffered a great loss a few days ago, as Hum revealed that their longtime drummer, Bryan

The Prids – Do I Look Like I’m In Love?

Do I Look Like I’m In Love? is the fourth full-length from The Prids which was released in 2018.  Although

The Prids – Chronosynclastic

The Prids’ third album Chronosynclastic has a distinctly different vibe from its predecessors. Although the band’s sound still maintains their