Recommended Listening

“Sorry” from Paper Ashtray has a fabulous old school goth feel with interwoven strings and standout vocals making this dark pop song one to add to your playlist. 

Paper Ashtray Socials: BandcampInstagram

“Manipulation Man” from Anakyn Gray is fusion of alternative rock, electronic, hip-hop, and pop, with a touch of quirky.

Anakyn Gray Socials: InstagramX

Why England Slept are masters at crafting cinematic avant-garde tunes with experimental rhythms and expert instrumentation. Their new single called “Pictures at an Exhumation” is no different and not to be missed.

Why England Slept Socials: Spotify

‘You work it out’ from Simon Hodges is a song lamenting the strife in the world, and wishing it could all be taken care of, but ultimately realizing no one gets to opt out.

Simon Hodges Socials: Bandcamp

“Accident” from Mcloud gives us jangly and distorted guitars, driving basslines, and propulsive drumming. Reminiscent of early bands like archers of loaf and “modern” acts like Wolf Parade. Highly recommended.

McCloud Socials: Instagram

‘Descend’ from Deer Watching is a slowcore, Duster-like song keeping with the very dreamy and noisy melancholy feel from the genre and done with amazing care.

Deer Watching Socials: Instagram

‘Ghosts’ encapsulates the hope that life will get better no matter the circumstances.” Based on true events and inspired by the story of two people falling in

Heavydive Socials: BandcampInstagramFacebook

“Cold” from Context is King gives us complex and unconventional rhythmic structures, intricate guitar work, and experimental approach to songwriting. It often incorporates elements of progressive rock, math rock and even metal. Perfect for any playlist. 

Context is King Socials: Instagram

“Guess i lied” from VIB tracks the chaotic ups and downs of a love lost tracked over aggressive power pop chords. A welcome addition to our list of best songs.

VIB socials: Spotify

“Sleepwalk” from Waves Crashing is a dreamy and ethereal rocker that has remained solid in my listening que. 

Waves Crashing Socials: BandcampInstagramFacebook

Check out “Volunteers” from Mcloud. An unconventional rocker with unexpected twists and turns. The song feels loud, dynamic, chaotic and intense all while still delivering a remarkably catchy tune.  A band so good we added them twice on the same list.

McCloud Socials: Instagram

“WE GET BORED” from Androgynous Slut is about the numbness and nihilism of aging. It begins as a dreampop song built around a simple, repetitive riff and morphs into dense stunning shoegaze.

Androgynous Slut Socials: Instagram

“Groove the Sorrow” is a study of war memorials, homeless encampments and the general misanthropic malaise that characterizes the present world condition, presented as a guitar-forward indie dance hit.

Lieutenant-Colonel David Davis Socials: BandcampInstagram

“Standstill” from Artifacts of Fiction starts as a dreamy and spacey almost slowcore tune before surprisingly kicking into an upbeat bouncy romp that’s impossible not to dance to. 

Artifacts of Fiction Socials: BandcampFacebook

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