Lukas Köksal – Eye to Eye

Independent songwriter and producer Lukas Köksal releases their latest track eye to eye. Hailing from Windsor, Ontario, it has been Köksal’s goal to express himself honestly, with his sound and production heavily reflecting his experiences and ongoing journey. Eye to eye is an absolute ear-candy, which should not be a surprise for Köksal’s avid listeners […]

Exceptional Failures – Bluest Of Blue

Bluest of Blue, the latest single from Exceptional Failures is an exhilarating ride. They’ve fused the blues, folk and rock while constantly pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in terms of technical ability and songwriting prowess. This song is paved with an intricate fingerpicking pattern that mirrors the complexities of its subject matter. Vocalist Cory […]

Tom Minor – Interstellar Standstill

Tom Minor shares logs of his spaceflight through song in his latest single Interstellar Standstill. The piece is highly imaginative, spry and whimsical but with a foreboding twist. The music sounds like a Spanish Western which aptly fits the theme of a long space sojourn. In it, humanity is forced to migrate after the destruction […]

Miles East – All Hands On Deck

Miles East serves up a rallying cry with his latest single All Hands On Deck. This is the third single from his upcoming album ‘Between Lightning and Thunder’. In this song Miles East heralds that dark times are coming. Through his bluesy grooves and poignant verse, he has managed to capture the mood and anxiety […]

Kwolek – Ronnie Stole This Riff / Kim Is Desperate

Reading through the title of Kwolek’s latest single, I can’t help but feel intrigued and begging to know more. Ronnie Stole This Riff / Kim is Desperate immediately conjures an image and leaves listeners asking who these people are and what they are up to. We knew from past reviews that Kwolek has a great […]

Luma Fade – Quantum Sleep

Quantum Sleep is the latest single from dream-pop outfit Luma Fade. The overall concept of the band is to make post-apocalyptic dream pop for an imagined future. This strength in artistic direction gives their music a cohesive identity, conjuring vivid images everytime you tune in to any of their songs. Quantum Sleep is equal parts […]

Repeat – Not Enough

Swedish stoner/punk rockers Repeat continue their strong momentum with their latest single Not Enough. These highly-acclaimed newcomers burst into the scene last year with their self-titled debut album, making waves in the local and international scene. The band apparently still has fuel left in the tank as they returned to the studio immediately to record […]

Patrick Doval – Endless Heartbreak

Patrick Doval’s energy is contagious, and it is perfectly exemplified in his latest single Endless Heartbreak. This song features The Offspring’s ex-drummer Pete Parada, bringing an urgent pace to the composition. Doval’s voice is infectious and is the most endearing part of this song. He sings with complete freedom and boldness, bringing a swagger to […]

The Silence Industry – The Crawling Eye

As technology continues to grow at a rapid rate and the collection of personal data becomes extremely easy for large corporations, the threats to privacy that coincided with the 80’s in the post-wave era of rock becomes relevant once more. The same feeling can be felt in The Crawling Eye–the latest single from The Silence […]

Annakye – Colours

Australian pop-punk outfit Annakye explores the many shades of emotion with the release of their latest single Colours. This song has a good mix of the familiar and the fresh, with the band using their wide array of influences as a palette to inform the range of emotions depicted in the song. While the pop-punk […]

Berto – Contradiction

Fresh indie rock artist Berto releases their new single Contradiction. This is the fourth song off of their upcoming album which is currently in the works. Each song is intended to act as a chapter in the story and this one will be its midpoint. Contradiction is a break-up song from the point of view […]

RISE – Without You

RISE welcomes you with bright synths and bold riffs with their latest single Without You. This indie outfit from Liverpool has a distinctive style of rock that will surely stand out from the crowd. Vocal melodic hooks are the specialty here, driven by the intricately composed synths and guitars. These songs evoke a strong 80’s […]