Listening to Beauty Queen, the latest single from Trummerkind is truly an intriguing experience. Its unique blend of dark theatrical rock, its themes that hit so close to home and its carefully-crafted gothic atmosphere makes it enjoyable for both the casual enjoyer and those who want to pick apart its underlying elements. The band cites My Chemical Romance and Rammstein as their influences, and in this song it shows through their operatic-goth flair along with the bluntness in which they criticize societal issues. 

The sound however, feels like a unique blend that defies comparison. Trummerkind has instinctively crafted their own mood for this song with gloom-stricken harmonies and a haunting soundscape. The horror they adapt is how impressionable young girls are led to a life of a ‘Beauty Queen’ not knowing that the path is full of immense pressure and cutthroat competition. This toxic environment can lead to drugs and body-image issues, all for a dream that may not look as beautiful as it seems.

Beauty Queen is merely the first in Trummerkind’s lineup of innovative and unique songcraft. With every release there’s no lack of ambition and creativity as the band keeps refining and cooking up their own style of rock to fit their vision. We can’t wait for what dark secrets they can surprise us with next.

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