The Dawn Phenomenon is a supergroup that we can’t want for you all to discover. The band is spearheaded by Dylan Donkin, who formed Echobrain in 2000-2005 with ex-Metallica bassist Jason Newsted. He is accompanied by Adam Donkin (synth, drums), and Mike Soss (vocals, guitar, bass, drums). The three have been collaborators since they were young, starting out as a Black Sabbath cover band then evolving their sound to encompass prog rock, 70s funk, jazz, punk and electronic avant-garde music. Think of a venn diagram between Pink Floyd, Herbie Hancock and Beck.

Their latest single Ember Day is as good as any to represent their intriguing fusion sound. This song feels like a journey that starts from the early morning, when the sky is dark and warm colors are starting to appear on the horizon. The shuffling syncopated rhythm gives off the vibe of being on a long journey. Warm guitar riffs along with the soothing hammond makes for a warm bed or a comfy cushion as you sit around and marvel at the view outside the window. 

Ember Day is the dawning of a new day. Equal parts jazzy and avante-garde rock while still grounded in that 70’s sound. The Dawn Phenomenon has years of craft and experience behind them, and we can’t want to hear more.

The Dawn Phenomeno Socials: Spotify

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