Seafarers – Bedwetters

“Bedwetters” by Seafarers delivers a song that resonates on multiple levels. It’s a hopeful exploration of love and self-discovery, wrapped in a sound that nods to the past while firmly rooting itself in the present. The song is a testament to the band’s ability to blend heartfelt lyrics with intricate musical arrangements. The song’s narrative […]

The Savage Hearts – Gang War / Speed Kills

The Savage Hearts waste no time diving straight into the fray with their debut single, “Gang War / Speed Kills.” Every second of the track pulsates with raw energy, ensuring listeners are hooked from the very start. This song encapsulates a rocking and electrifying vibe that keeps you on the edge of your seat. It’s […]

Mark Mallman – The Cancer

Mark Mallman’s “The Cancer” is a vibrant and enchanting song that masterfully blends comforting melodies with profound philosophical lyrics, offering a thought-provoking musical experience that transcends its initial whimsical charm. The song starts with a comforting tune that speaks wisdom. Mallman’s vocals resemble those of a Disney prince wooing his princess, yet the song transcends […]

Tretrunc – Last Summer

When a song becomes a captivating mystery, it echoes the haunting narrative and atmospheric allure of ‘Last Summer’ by Tretrunc, evoking the chilling essence of a Poe-like tale spun through music. “Last Summer” by Tretrunc is an intriguing blend of narrative and melody, beginning with a welcoming beat that lingers longer than expected, drawing the […]

Mike Bass – I’ve Tried

There are serious doubts that Mike Bass was sitting on earth while singing this song because his voice seems to come from the sky. His song “I’ve Tried” is composed of a melodic expression that you will listen to on earth but might take you to the heavens. The song “I’ve Tried” starts off with […]

Bryan Dubay – Holy Days

“Holy Days” by Bryan Dubay masterfully blends ethereal folk melodies with introspective lyrics, showcasing his talent for creating emotionally rich and genre-defying music that captivates and resonates. The song captivates with its engaging sound and deep, resonant voice, creating a unique blend of Western and countryside themes. The song feels like a call from opposite […]

Mad Painter – Empty Bottles

The song “Empty Bottles” by Mad Painter is a high-spirited, motivational anthem brimming with energy, encouraging you to take charge of your dreams. Mad Painter blends a new rock sound with a touch of ’90s disco. The song begins and ends in a mirror-like fashion, creating a cyclical effect. The opening tune evokes psychedelic and […]

Lives Like Skyscrapers – Until the End of Time

“Until the End of Time” is a testament to Lives Like Skyscrapers’ talent and potential. The song’s haunting beauty and introspective lyrics make it a memorable addition to their debut album. The song “Until the End of Time” by Lives Like Skyscrapers builds up a mysterious environment, continually progressing towards an unknown destination until the […]

Tara Van – Sunshine’s Callin’

Which song do you think of when you think of positivity and internal growth? If you can’t think of any, then listen to “Sunshine Callin’” by Tara Van. There is a melodious peace in every word that the singer utters, yet it also welcomes you to an epic odyssey. The song naturally possesses an intellectual […]

Lauri Järvilehto – Typhoon

When a song is an equal blend of joy and nostalgia, it doesn’t just make you dance; it also brings a smile to your face. “Typhoon” by Lauri Järvilehto is exactly that kind of song. The song transports you back to the 90s, reviving the joyful beats of that era. It’s rich in emotional detail, […]

Ten Minute Detour – Over Under

The COVID pandemic hit everyone real hard. At first, we were so hung up on being stagnant and being forced to stay home; and now, we’ve gotten so used to it that it might make us a bit apprehensive to move forward. These themes are explored with Toronto-based band Ten Minute Detour’s latest single, “Over […]

The Backlash – As Real…

If you’ve stuck around the world for a long enough time, you’ll know that some of the craziest, deepest emotions can come from the most unexpected things, whether they’re physically there or even if they’re not a part of reality. It could be from some interpersonal relationships, music, or as Milan-born band The Backlash have […]