California-based artist Erik David Hidde’s solo project, Mohawk Castle, has a new mind-bending single with “Shed Tears”. It’s a beautifully crafted piece of art that tells the tale of division that’s plaguing the United States of America. It’s electronic, euphoric, and is wonderfully different in every way that you can think of. This new release shows Mohawk Castle paving the path for his distinct combination of indie rock with electronic-trap production. It’s a soundscape that’s exclusive to him, and him alone.

With a mixture of electronic synths, some trap beats, a deep bassline, and some added guitar riffs that make up the song’s foundation, the prominent element is the song being split into two halves. It’s a tune about discord, and so this added element really creates a sound that’s wonderful to hear that only a few artists, Mohawk Castle included, can pull off. The beat switch at the song’s midpoint is utterly beautiful, slowly easing us in and intensifying bit by bit, and this division of the track itself also artistically juxtaposes with the song’s meaning and adds layers upon layers to an already deep production.

If you think music can transcend the boundaries of what we usually hear on the radio, then Mohawk Castle can deliver. You can listen to “Shed Tears” on all streaming platforms now.

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