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Corridor - Junior

Corridor – Junior

Take a road trip to a European countryside on a sunny day with the Quebec-based indie band Corridor and their ...
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Thoughts Detecting Machines – Long Long Time (Video)

Thoughts detecting machines just released a fantastic video for the song Long Long Time off of one of our favorite ...
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NEW: Julian Drazilov – In Spit

Highly recommended tune from Julain Drazilov ...
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Buzzy Band has Moved!

The Buzzy Band dream is alive in Portland! Buzzy Band has moved to Portland. Any area bands we’d love to ...
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We Favor – July 31st 2020

Goldrain - Dragonfly Goldrains debut single “Dragonfly” is a soulful escape that is dripping with passion and heart. The track ...
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We Favor – July 24th 2020

Twobox. - Fireflies Bright sound matched with Twobox’s catchy nasal vocals are perfectly intertwined on their new song “Fireflies”. Its ...
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We Favor – July 10th 2020

SWiiMS - Fill Me Up For me, the 90's is one of the best music eras so far. I think ...
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We Favor – July 3rd 2020

Koalra - Hooked Koalra is back with a new song less than 8 weeks following their latest EP release "Surprise ...
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We Favor – June 26th 2020

Doter Sweetly - Baby Boy The Memphis-based musical project Doter Sweetly gives us a lo-fi and progressive musical arrangement on ...
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We Favor – June 19th 2020

Tom Baird - Lonely Hour Tom Baird once again wore his heart on his sleeves in his new single entitled ...
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