Genre-bending artist Your Best Nightmare’s first full-length, horror-inspired album, “Presents: A Simple Solution for Toxic Masculinity” challenges the domination of the patriarchy through its magical fusion of punk, folk, pop, and art rock, perfectly captured in a macabre tale. The album’s first track, titled “Promising Young Woman” is the perfect prologue to the story, introducing the vampiric, social norm-rebelling protagonist. The song is filled with anecdotes showing how she isn’t your typical woman; she doesn’t dress up in silly, puffy dresses or heels. She isn’t afraid to speak her mind and show her true self, much to the horror of the men and even fellow women around her.

The tune starts off with dreamy riffs contrasted with a punk-inspired drum beat that catches your attention immediately through its mild dissonance. This intriguing blend continues throughout the rest of the song, and trust us when we say that the bass line will be stuck in your head for ages. The vocals are powerful and unhindered yet display simply perfect control by the artist. The song then finishes with a punk rock-inspired breakdown from the drums that caps it off splendidly.

So, if you’re looking for something new, exciting, and overall lots of fun to listen to, then look no further because “Promising Young Woman” along with the rest of Your Best Nightmare’s amazing debut album is out on all streaming platforms now.

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