Canadian indie-pop duo Wotts strip things down in their latest single There. This song will come as a welcome surprise for avid listeners as the band takes a break from the grandiose production sound they’ve been known for in favor of the basics. Basic does not mean bland however, as the Wotts composes a rich melodic tapestry–with heartfelt strings and warm embellishments that make the listener feel like it’s summer in the south of France. 

‘There’ comes right after their EP Petals, which is notably a break-up soundtrack detailing the stages of a dying relationship. This new single however is a story of spring, a new bloom for our narrator who’s still feeling lost but has now found a new inspiration, or perhaps even a new love. “We have a habit of making sad happy songs, so we thought it would be funny to flip it and make a happy sad song for once.” Sad-happy is certainly the vibe here. There’s an intriguing ambiguity brought about by such somber melodies going against lyrics of optimism.

‘There’ is a piano ballad that proves that Wotts still has a lot of room to expand and broaden their sound. It is a fresh new take on the conventions they’ve established and a bright spot on their repertoire. With more material being hinted at that’s on the way, we can’t wait for what Wotts comes up with next.

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