PETALS is the conclusion of a three part EP from Canadian indie pop duo Wotts. It’s a tense and delightfully restless earworm, with its narrator wondering if their feelings could ever be returned. The preceding tracks, ALLO and WANNABE were released months apart, with the former being about the initial blossoms of love and the latter talking about it all going nowhere. In PETALS It seems our narrator is left picking up the pieces in the aftermath as their feelings are left unrequited. Wotts has accompanied this journey with a vibrant blend of psych pop and tasty synths. They’ve added that this is a song of a heartbreak that never ends, as moments like these can leave their scar that lingers on.

The Ontario natives take inspiration from Tame Impala, and it shows in their craft. Wotts has a good grip on crafting sounds and weaving them to paint rich and vivid soundscapes. Members Jayem and Rick 100 cover multiple instruments including the production for this EP, and if their consistent release schedule for last year is any indication, then we’ll enjoy more of their unique blend of pop this year. The complete PETALS EP comes out on Feb. 9, you may check them out through their Soundcloud, social media, and other streaming services.

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