When soothing vocals meet an eerie feeling of dejection and music that reminds us of reality while talking about the heavens in lyrics, we get Heaven on Earth. 

The song begins with the chilling breeze of wind chimes that immerse you in a surrealistic world of beauty and imagination. Just when it feels like it can’t get any better, the welcoming vocals transport you to heaven on earth. However, if we pay keen attention to the lyrics, the song speaks of regular life but with a filter of bright sunlight.

It is not a surprise because when Nicoles Rowe wrote this song in his apartment, which lacked good light, he escaped into a world where he imagined it was hot outside and heavenly sunlight had taken over the world. The lyrics fancy a world with an embracing temperature, but in reality, the cold world plays in the background music. As Omar Akrouche explains, “It [Heaven on Earth] was written and rewritten, rearranged entirely. It’s a song that’s been floating around for years, and I’m so happy with where it landed.” The song tirelessly explores its psychedelic nature and brings recurring feelings of reality that clash with the heavenly realms we seek throughout our lives. No wonder, by the end of the song, we find ourselves questioning if we’re escaping into the heaven we imagine for ourselves or still wandering on earth.

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