Wilmington-based artist Winston Orz’s diverse musical influences such as soul, glam rock, and synth pop shape the classic, dark bedroom soundscape that his discography is known for. This is displayed beautifully with his latest single, “Moonwalks”. It’s broody, moody, and an overall amazing experience to listen to. Influenced by his moonlit walks, it’s an introspective into one’s own self-doubt, fear, regret, and even joy.

The slow beats accented by gentle guitar strums and keys set the scene; as if you were in the park, taking in the fresh air, walking under the moonlight and streetlamps, as the distant blur of parading headlights flicker and disappear in the background. The vocals are crisp, smooth, and emotional. The layered nature of the vocals at some points of the song adds body and dreaminess to its already ethereal characteristic. The production by Blue Karma and mixing by Kenneth Gilmore makes all the track’s elements streamlined and coherent. Through the lyrics, Orz’s goal is to express the non-linear motion of one’s own thoughts during introspection, and seeks to capture this nuance of our mind with its unspecific writing patterns. It was a risk doing this, but it pays off splendidly and furthers the deep, emotional nature of the lyrics’ meaning.

This is the song you’d listen to if you need to take a breather from the confining bounds of your home and go out to the great outdoors for some much needed “Moonwalks”. Winston Orz’s latest single is out now on all streaming platforms.

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