Jersey-based band Water Street takes us on a journey through one’s own inner thoughts, navigating through self-doubt that is just too hard to get past sometimes with their newest single, “Decaf Daydream”. It truly does feel dreamlike, with its vibrant instrumental and even smoother vocals that all add up to create a magnificent song of introspection and reflection. The band experimented with layering in this song, having over 398 tracks layered on top of each other, but man, does it work wonders.

The rhythm is catchy, with lush string sounds that provide a full, robust feeling to the tune despite having a more dreamy, atmospheric vibe. It helps you chill and be with your thoughts, with the song guiding you through them. The vocals are smooth and clear, with the lyrics being oh-so catchy. It’s definitely a song that you’d like to listen to while you’re having your morning coffee, with one of the band’s vocalists, Julia Aiello, intentionally and cleverly adding a few coffee-related lines here and there for us to spot.

The warmth this song gives is simply inviting, and we can’t wait to hear more from Water Street this year. Listen to “Decaf Daydream” on all streaming platforms and let your mind wander.

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