German rockers VOST have released their first single of the year in What You Deny. The song was originally written in 2006 by singer and guitarist Manu and it is now given a fresh coat of paint for everyone to enjoy. VOST sound is influenced by classic rock from the 80’s, and this song in particular gives me the Aerosmith vibes with its great blues licks and catchy melodies. Manu has a unique flair for the dramatic in this song, which is about a plea for someone to admit their feelings for them, and how their refusal is driving them to a wall. 

VOST’s style of rock is as loud and full of attitude as the best of them, but there’s a distinctness there that I can’t put my finger on. Perhaps it’s the subtle differences in how they phrase the words and how they articulate the lyrics against the downbeat, either way it’s very intriguing. You think you’ve heard everything that rock had to offer, but still there are several dimensions out there to discover. The pitch is simple, if you like great bluesy riffs, with the ability to turn it up in tempo and volume, VOST’s discovery has you covered. Their previous album Back from the Attic, which came out in 2021 shows their prog rock side. All in all it was a good call for the band to rerelease What You Deny. The only bad thing about it is they could’ve done it sooner.

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