Breathe In Breathe Out is the first single from Void Vampires. This duo from Camden consists of Kunwar Singh (Guitar, bass) and Jessie Jayne (Vocalist). The two have only started but are showing great promise with their unique blend of post-punk. 

Breathe In Breathe Out is about reigning in one’s tech addiction to clear the mind and regain control of one’s life. Jessie’s deadpan delivery serves as a cautionary voice. With her experience working in the tech world, she has seen first-hand how app managers use psychological tricks to lure people into using their apps for as long as they can get away with. Indeed, there are only two types of sellers who call their customers ‘users’, and those are app developers and drug dealers.Musically, the song is a brilliant show of restraint. The minimal focus on the vocals, drums, and bass while reflective synths and harmonies gleam across the background is a nice touch that captures the feeling of claustrophobia when doom scrolling. Post-punk and its themes are extremely relevant in the world right now with how society and tech continues to encroach on our personal lives. Void Vampires, with their extremely apt name and fitting sound should be required listening for everyone, and they might just be the ones to start this new wave with their single Breathe In Breathe Out.

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