Vogue Villains – A Slow Ride (At The Speed of Light)

Vancouver based rockers Vogue Villains have released their latest single A Slow Ride (At The Speed of Light). This serves as the headliner for their upcoming debut album which is set to release on March 7th. A Slow Ride is an impressive offering on several different fronts. What stood out for me at first was how dynamic it was. The song contains several shifts in volume and rhythm that are far from the ordinary. The changing pace makes it feel like an elaborate story unfolding. It fits very well with the subject matter, which is about how modern life seems to be slowly driving us to our own demise, and part of that realization is how most of it is self-inflicted.

For guitar enthusiasts, the riffs in this song are sure to be a treat. Vogue Villains are influenced by fellow Canadians Billy Talent–a band which I find (with extreme frustration) is very underrated. Razor-edged fills and bursts of high-octane energy are a hallmark of their sound, and Vogue Villains are surely in league with that. On top of that, they treat their guitar harmonies as well as their vocal arrangements–with style and confidence. A Slow Ride is by no means sluggish. It roars with the desperation of one facing the apocalypse–and having had enough of it–is ready to fight back to stay alive. 

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