Vernons Future captures you with its intricate groove and never lets go in their latest single Steerpike. This song is retro-futuristic, filled with trippy electronic loops and a hypnotizing vibe. The bass and drums are knit so tightly together that it feels like you’re trapped in a gothic disco web and left with no choice but to dance. 

The lyrics have an otherworldly fantasy feel, which is no wonder as the band has taken heavy inspiration from Mervyn Peake’s epic Gormenghast Trilogy. This inspiration adds to the whimsy, weirdness and playfulness of the piece. The song’s music video is also something that you should check out as it adds another layer to the experience. It’s a mix between landscape shots, esoteric hand movements and intimate close-ups. Steerpike is a psychedelic wonderland led by an anti-hero, a world of endless possibilities where time is measured in hip-shaking grooves. 

Steerpike is Vernons Future’s first all-new release since 2022. Browsing through the band’s music is like opening a mystery box. They definitely have a unique approach to indie pop so expect a lot of twists and turns on popular genres and ideas. 

Vernons Future’s return is a welcome one for lovers of art-pop. They are one of the few who are bold enough to challenge the boundaries of what’s possible in music. Check them out on all streaming platforms.

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