Trash Pals is releasing their latest single “Perfect Dream” on the 23rd of February, 2024. This single serves as a follow-up /resolution to their EP Love Object, which was released in November the previous year. The duo describes this move as “meeting the gnarliness of grief and change with acceptance and surrender – by introducing a feeling of warmth, resolve and intimacy as heard in ‘Perfect Dream.’” I can’t help but nod my head at their description, as this song feels like a fuzzy warm blanket after coming home from a snowstorm. The lyrics are filled with pleasant vignettes, inviting the listener to remember all their pleasant memories to let them know that there’s a respite that comes after pain. 

Members Conor Rayne and Gabriel Scneider met at a jazz camp during their teens and have been friends and collaborators ever since. The two are accomplished musicians in their own right but still find the time to get together to write for Trash Pals, crafting compositions that are extremely polished and harmonically sound. Coming from a listener’s perspective, I get the feeling that the two are incredibly in sync and it shows in the material. There’s a tension in Love Object that feels resolved in Perfect Dream. It’s the perfect song for someone who wants to wind down and recover from a bad day and I recommend it to everyone.

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