Only In My Heart” is the latest single from trans artist An Image, which is set to release on February 14, 2024 under the moniker Trans Parent. An has a background in avant-garde performance art, being a founding member of the experimental rock band Flender, as well as the free improv collective known as KA. Trans Parent is her latest endeavor, and uses it as an outlet that enables her to explore her past trauma and the challenges of living in a difficult environment. “…its how I make sense living in a world where war and genocide exist, and in a country whose government facilitates and profits off of war and genocide. Because in this world also exists life and beauty.” 

Only In My Heart encompasses that mission perfectly. The sound is reminiscent of the darkwave pop movement of the 80’s. Her ghostly vocals float over an array of cold synths thumping through a dance-y beat. The atmosphere she crafted is gloomy and sentimental, with its elements multiplying in layers through the end of the song, almost as if the listener is being drowned by vengeful ghosts, thirsting to make things right.  

An describes her work in Trans Parent as an empowering and affirming experience, a way for her to take full creative control. The result is hauntingly beautiful.

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