Tom Minor shares logs of his spaceflight through song in his latest single Interstellar Standstill. The piece is highly imaginative, spry and whimsical but with a foreboding twist. The music sounds like a Spanish Western which aptly fits the theme of a long space sojourn. In it, humanity is forced to migrate after the destruction of the Earth. In between the verses there’s a break in singing, replaced by a spoken-word narration that details how various locations on Earth have been devoured by natural calamities. 

This is Tom Minor’s fourth single off the forthcoming debut album Eleven Easy Pieces on Anger & Disappointment. Minor’s music is hardly bounded by genre descriptions, his melodic instincts are up there with the best songwriters with how well he dives into unpredictable phrases while still sounding so effortlessly good. 

Tom Minor adapts a tongue-in-cheek tone in his vocal delivery of Interstellar Standstill. It’s quite concerning how we’ve been warned time and time again that the environment is being decimated, yet greed and ignorance still prevails. Nevertheless, we need to keep sending the message and add to the conversation just like Tom minor has. We only have one Earth and it’s the best spacecraft we have, we better do our part to stop the standstill and prevent further collapse.

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