TNCS releases a stellar friday-night-after-work party anthem with their latest single I Want to Run to the Top of a Mountain and Scream. The band is fresh off the punk-rock oven, having only formed last year but already they’re turning heads and even made an appearance on the BBC Radio 6 show The BBC Introducing Mixtape with Tom Robinson. TNCS’ core sound is punk but from their two initial offerings it’s clear that they’re not strictly bound by any particular style. Their influences include IDLES, The Stone Roses, Oasis, and Joy Division among others. With such a diverse pool to draw from and a knack for clever experimentation, it’s no wonder that they’ve come up with such a distinctive blend.

In the case of I Want to Run to the Top of a Mountain and Scream, this means melodic choral bursts, an exciting dancy groove, and cathartic lyrics that liberates the listener, enabling them to pour out the tightness in their chest. Songwriter Richie Harrison says the song really wants to make you just get up and dance, and that’s exactly what you’ll get along with the bonus of discovering a new band to follow.

TNCS is just starting out but already they’re showing a lot of promise. With their confidence and style, the sky’s the limit for what they can achieve.

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