Branches, the new single from Tired of Fighting, might just be the most profound and relatable emo/rock song I’ve heard in a long time. The Newcastle, UK-based band takes inspiration from 00’s bands like Motion City Soundtrack and Taking Back Sunday, but It’s clear from this song that they have a unique and distinctive voice that adds a new richness to this expansive and much-loved genre.

Branches is poetic and feels high-stakes in a way that not a lot of songs can manage. Tired of Fighting have created a soundscape and story filled with depth and vivid imagery that puts the listener in a battle of life and death against themselves and their circumstance. It’s explosive and raw without a hint of cheesiness. At the song’s midpoint, there’s a redemptive swelling of riffs along with the melodies’ demeanor. Our narrator survives their challenges intact, and they finally feel alive and free despite the scars. The ending is such a relief right after the tension that came before, but it ultimately is bittersweet because life goes on and the cycle continues.

Tired of Fighting laid out their hearts and souls in this track and the result is incredible. I greatly appreciate how each element of the song contributes to the core themes, and it feels like not a single note or breath is wasted. Branches is a triumph in songwriting and an innovation in emo rock, and it’s a song you should share to everyone you know.

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