Martin Hovden’s musical brainchild, Tidal Water, has released their newest single, titled “Corrupted”. It’s a commentary that tackles various social issues such as greed and the ever-present and prevalent systemic inequality that plagues our world, whether you’re in advanced capitalist societies or not. These issues are ingrained into the system, and “Corrupted” serves as a form of revolution against it, while being structured to entertain you while sending an impactful message through its notes.

The infectious, grungy guitar riffs perfectly accent the headbanging beats, and these riffs get pretty crazy as the song goes on and really drives home the “entertainment” aspect that Hovden and his crew have worked hard to perfect. Its vocals are distinctive with their sound, described by the band as representative of the voices of protesters. The production of the entire track is nothing to scoff at, and they found the best place that can cater to Tidal Water’s special soundscape: Vaalerenga Platefabrikk, the studio of Lindaas Lyd. The synergy between each element of the song works together well, and it’s obvious that the track will be a treat to hear in a live performance in the future.

If you love grungy musical social commentaries, then Tidal Water’s latest release will blow you away. Stream “Corrupted” now on all streaming platforms.

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