The Virginia Planes is a dream-pop/shoegaze duo hailing from Heidelberg, Germany. Their latest single is a rendition of Siren Call by Belgian Hardcore band Powerstroke. This re-imagining is quite a huge genre shift, as The Virginia Planes manage to tame the intensity of the original by adding layers of shoegaze effects and widening the soundscape for an atmospheric feel. They’ve managed to emphasize the ‘Siren’ part of the title, creating a hypnotic sound with lush riffs and high-pitched harmonies. 

The original by Powerstroke goes through different shifts in weight and gravity, going from a stripped down acapella at the start which then diverges into a rampage of massive riffs, earth-shaking double-bass breakdowns and lung busting-vocals. The Virginia Planes take their mix to the upper atmosphere in line with the dreamy and technically verbose textures of shoegaze. The contrast between the two is interesting, as the original feels like going through a grinder while the other feels like an existential trip through the astral plane–both amazing in their own right.

The Virginia Planes’ mastery of craft is clear with how they were able to transmute Siren Call into their own while paying homage to the original. If you’re interested in what modern artists are doing with shoegaze, then this is one artist you’ll have to follow. We’re excited to see what other blends they have in store for the future.

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