If you’re into indie rock from across the pond then you are guaranteed to enjoy The Trusted and their latest single Self Destruct. Influenced by great British acts like Catfish and the Bottlemen, The 1975, and The Clash, this quartet from Southend-on-sea UK is sure to satisfy your craving for raw energetic rock with their knack for crafting raw and compelling soundscapes.  

Self Destruct is an exhilarating journey with quick tempos and satisfying payoffs. The heavily distorted riffs and thrilling rhythms sync perfectly well with the raw vocals. Each section is rife with mystique and swagger and stays just as long as needed before swerving sideways to another sonic highway. 

Tom Cunningham, The Trusted’s lead vocalist, describes “Self-destruct” as a song about self-sabotage. Living fast and dying young is such an alluring idea, and the band expresses it with their garage-y proto-punk sound paired with devious lyrical imaginings on how far they’d like to go when partying. This self-destructive demeanor isn’t exactly glorified however, as the song has a tinge of self-awareness–a hint of irony that our narrator is aware that they’re too close to burning out like a moth to a flame.With their latest single, The Trusted have proven that they can deliver raw and nostalgic rock with catchy melodies and compelling storylines. There’s nowhere to go but up for this promising new talent so catch them now on all streaming platforms.

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