Gunfighter, the latest single from indie-rock outfit The Tarrows is something we find deeply intriguing. It starts off as a folky-rock tune with storytelling that hearkens back to Springsteen and the classic British canon.  There’s a strong emphasis on the ‘classic’ part of that description, as the sound evokes 90’s alt rock with an 80’s Madchester touch. Think of rock and its softer, more endearing side–one that could be featured in your favorite 80’s coming-of-age movie. Once the listener gets comfortable however, is when The Tarrows go ahead and pounce with sharpened claws and a massive sledgehammer, shattering the sense of security they established by revving up the guitars into a headbanging rage towards the end. These two polar opposites are an interesting choice, especially since the composition holds up nicely and never takes away from the other part. In the end it feels like a two-part song that’s as unexpected as it is deeply satisfying.Learning more about The Tarrows, it seems that this style is par for the course, as the band has a knack for doing the unexpected. The group was founded by Mat Astell and Taylor Allerston, sharing the duties on the guitars and vocals. Nate Brown is their new addition, filling on for the drums and backing vocals. The three have started a new era for the band and thus leads us to the triumph of ‘Gunfighter’. Catch them and their many surprises on all streaming platforms.

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