As technology continues to grow at a rapid rate and the collection of personal data becomes extremely easy for large corporations, the threats to privacy that coincided with the 80’s in the post-wave era of rock becomes relevant once more. The same feeling can be felt in The Crawling Eye–the latest single from The Silence Industry. Nowadays, the threat comes more from the tech sector rather than in governments, and with the rise in AI those threats could come in autonomous systems that can encroach on our freedoms at an unprecedented rate.

The Crawling Eye is characterized by restless drums and frantic rhythmic bursts. The band’s use of swelling synths and reverb creates a soundscape that wraps the song in an all-encompassing anxiety through its 6 minute runtime. The Silence Industry’s sonic signature is vast and diverse, but for this particular one they focused on their Gothic/Deathrock side to nail the mood that they were inspired by, which are B-grade horror films and Big Brother’s modern incarnation. 

The Silence Industry was formed in 2007 by a group that envisions music as an expression, a communication, an artform, and an experience. The Crawling Eye proves that their vision is as enduring as it is strong. Check this track out and its accompanying ambient-noise tracks on all streaming platforms.

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