Alternative rock band The Silence Industry is not afraid to shy away from conventional themes of love and explore the nuances of more metanarratives, and their newest single, “Headlong (General Strike!)” will thrust you into a dark, dynamic world that will resonate with your need for rock to a whole new level. It explores historical transcendence and collective agency, and if you’re not quite familiar with those concepts, it’s completely fine; The Silence Industry will serve as your shaman with this new certified hit.

The sound of delayed guitars, hard-hitting beats, and added electronic noise blends together masterfully, and this band knows how not to make them clash with each other. What we’re left with is something dynamic and a sure headbanger to listen to, and that’s certain even for people who don’t listen to rock music daily. The intensity of the song stays consistent all throughout, but it works in its favor. Its lyrics and vocals are raw and brooding, giving you a better sense of what it’s about. It’s the ideal song to add to your “sticking it to the system” playlist, and yes, we know you probably have one.

So, if you want to be taken on a trip to the darkness and dynamism that this reality has to offer, then make sure to blast “Headlong (General Strike!)” during your next listening session. We know we will. It’s available now on all streaming platforms.

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