The Project is the brainchild of California-rock veteran James Davis, who originally made waves as the lead guitarist of the band Shameless. Already decades removed from his heavy-rock and metal days, Davis formed this new LA rock supergroup to share the joy of pop rock with their new album Best Days slated to hit shelves in early 2024. The Project’s latest single ‘All I Ever Needed’ is a feel-good alt-rock love song reminiscent of the 00s, with a sweet and refreshing Cali-rock sound. 

All I Ever Needed brings back old traditions of rock that we don’t get quite often anymore. With catchy, powerful vocals belted on high and riffs that soar like massive waves amidst thunderous drumming, The Project offers a fresh and optimistic perspective in life that we seldom come across these days. They manage this while acknowledging that we are all flawed in our own ways: “Life is full of scars we all hide, show me yours and I’ll show you mine”. This song is nothing short of a celebration and is guaranteed to make you dance and feel alive. The album is a celebration of the best days after all, and there’s no shortage of that with all the lovely singles The Project has released so far. We can’t wait for the whole thing to drop and tell you all about it.

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