Venturing to the new age of creating music, The Plebs brought us an unusually good cover of Survivor’s Eye of the Tiger. This rendition is of course entitled, Eye of the Pleb. This song features the love of the band for music and cryptocurrency which was expressed with such vigor through the lyrics. Full of determination to rise in the cryptocurrency game,  The Plebs created such a piece of music to be a representation of the “Bull Market” which is a time when stock prices are rising and market sentiment is optimistic.

Another interesting thing with The Plebs’ music is that they used modular synths, MS20 and a DAW. Also, the singer’s voice was created using the Junior text-to-speech voice model on Mac, which was processed with various voice models. It is indeed a new and innovative way to create music and we can say that Eye of the Pleb is one of those cover songs that will pave its way up to the top. 

Despite the definition of the word “pleb” in crypto being a person with little or no knowledge of cryptocurrencies, The Plebs proved, through their song, Eye of the Pleb, that they are indeed firm about going high through the charts not just in cryptocurrency, but also in the music industry.

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