The Nomadic is the project of singer songwriter Rob Gaylard. Rob is well-traveled, having grown up in Australia, Burma, Singapore, the Solomon Islands and the UK. As an adult, he has also worked for the United Nations in various continents of the world. That’s what makes his latest single All Changed very interesting, as it covers that feeling of separation anxiety that comes with having to move to a new country and environment. All your relationships, jobs and habits will have to change and the memories of that place and those times will slowly wither. This is captured musically by the song’s slow melancholic tempo and twangy country riffs. The song conjures the image of a cowboy in the sunset, arranging his luggage in his pick up truck and wondering what will happen next. 

 “All Changed is one of the most personal Nomadic songs. Throughout my Nomadic life I have made friends all over the world, and what has struck me is how there is so much more that unites us than divides us”, Gaylard explains. But not all of it is sad. Later in the song, he explains that all the struggles we go through will inevitably change us to be better, like a phoenix rising in the ashes.

Indeed we are All Changed by the day to day experiences of our lives. The Nomadic pours his heart out in his latest single and shines a light on what connects us all. All Changed is a celebration of life that should be heard by all.

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