British alt-rockers The New Nostalgia start off the year strong with their latest single A Fridge in Berlin. This will be their first release after their brilliant debut album Bleed & Bloom. The band covers a wide range of rock, taking in inspirations from the greats and making a lot of creative decisions with it. For this single however, the band opts to trust their primal instincts to express the rage and shock they experienced after leaving their hometowns for a big city, only to be completely disappointed. 

The radiator isn’t working, the rent is due and our narrator is living in what feels like a fridge. Their roommates are doing the nasty on the adjacent space and they’re completely in over their heads. All the aspirations come crashing down, expressed by a rapid flood of riffs, delivered with a tempo that feels like it wants to be out there in the quickest way possible. This aggressive sound is reflective of the four members’ experience during a trip to Amsterdam, as they tried to find their place in the world after college into the hazy landscape of adulthood. Their reaction is completely justified.

If you’re into brilliantly loud rock that’s honest and unapologetic, The New Nostalgia would fit right into your playlist. A Fridge in Berlin is available on February 22, 2024 on digital streaming platforms.

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