The Neuromaniacs is the birth child of Johnny Brewer, something that came about as an experimental project to explore his electronic music production skills separately from his other blues rock endeavor, Johnny & the Brewsers. Revelations is their latest single, a highly imaginative and out-there fusion of EDM, Electronic Rock and Cinematic storytelling. 

Revelations is about an omnipotent being who spends his time making worlds and galaxies. This godlike force comes to a surprising realization when returning to one of his past creations, discovering in horror that its denizens are being destroyed by greed and corruption. Furthermore, cultist groups have emerged, enacting atrocities under this supreme being’s name. 

Brewer expresses this idea of creation through wondrous soundscapes. This heavenly wonder is then laced with distorted riffs and flashing beams as the track reaches its midpoint. Variety is introduced through the introduction of primal drums that collide with a flashy sci-fi lead. It almost mirrors the post-punk, industrial sound of the 80’s wave but coming from a completely different direction. 

The Neuromaniacs sonic signature is inspired by Brewer’s experimentation and led by a wild inspiration. The song comes to a chilling end as the godlike figure expresses his wrath by smiting the Book of Revelations to his lost subjects. Eye-opening and poignant, The Neuromaniacs  is an experiment worth taking further. Thankfully, Brewer is up to the task, developing more songs in the pipeline for us to look forward to.

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