London-based band The Mess:Age takes you through a luscious, groovy, and dreamy soundscape with their latest single, “MR W.H.O”. It’s nostalgic in the best way imaginable, and is from their upcoming second album, “AGE OF MESS”.  With musical influences like David Bowie, Van Halen, and Elton John, the track displays the band’s distinctive sonic characteristics with ease. It’s a joy to listen to and is a song that can be enjoyed no matter what generation you’re from.

Starting off with some electronic keys that set the mood for what’s to come, the track’s guitar and beats join in with the fun after a short delay. The instruments of the song make up its distinct, nostalgic vibe. It’s groovy and reminiscent of the best parts of 80’s disco music. The vocals from the band’s Glen Brandon are magnificent, with the quality of his voice simply shining through and taking center stage. His singing is smooth but powerful, with some of the song’s background adlibs being stuck in our heads for days. The little synths added throughout the song really bring all of its elements together, making for a magnificent sonic landscape that is just a joy to hear.

Overall, this track is an amazing display of The Mess:Age’s skill and mastery, and we can’t wait to hear more from them with their upcoming album. Listen to “MR W.H.O” now on all streaming platforms.

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