Musical duo, The Margaret Hooligans, comprised of the conveniently-married Meg Cratty and Mr. Strontium have just released their newest garage rock classic, “The StoneHengers”, and we’re telling you right from the get-go: it’s a lot of fun to listen to. It’s upbeat, it’s vibrant, and it’s definitely an addition to the band’s already amazing repertoire that you shouldn’t miss.

            With some extremely energetic claps, riffs, and drums, the song is supplemented with layered vocals and overlapping lyrics that will surely get you to dance your heart out and bang your head off to this song. Cratty’s electric ukeleles adds so much to the song’s vibrancy, with Strontium’s masterful percussions laying down the foundation the track rests on. The middle instrumental interlude of the track intensifies and slows it down a bit with a little break before the vocals start up again, which takes you by surprise in a good way. The duo has always expressed how they don’t want to follow conventional riffs or themes in their music, and “The StoneHengers” is the perfect example of that. And trust us, this is one of those songs that sound even better when you blast them through your headphones or car speakers.

            So, why don’t you “come along” and listen to “The StoneHengers”, out on streaming platforms now.

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