The Margaret Hooligans have graced us yet again with an awesome punk banger in their latest single Royal Octopus Canal. The dynamic duo of Meg Cratty (vocals, electric ukulele) and Mr. Strontium (percussion) continue to bring the best in each other through their wild and unapologetic sound. Royal Octopus Canal is a post-mortem of a breakup, dissecting what went wrong and voiced with the rage and frustration of a demolition team. 

“It’s not useful to wallow in it, but self-pity is comfortable”, Cratty growls through roaring riffs, ones that slide across the track in a wave of razor-edged sequences. Strontium’s drums are just as primal, with a bold dynamism that takes the listener’s rhythmic expectations through a ride, reflecting the ire in his partner’s voice. The Royal Octopus Canal isn’t just a mess of confusing, winding passages. It’s more like a controlled burn–a combustion engine that’s carefully guided so that it takes the shuttle to its destination without exploding at launch.

This single is the fifth of eleven singles that The Margaret Hooligans are planning to release throughout the year. It will be part of their fourth upcoming album Thunderhole Rock n’ Roll which is slated to release in October 2024. Available on your favorite streaming platforms.

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