Imagine getting stuck on a date with someone who intentionally misrepresented themselves. How awkward and awful would that be? You get there excited, only to have your expectations shattered. Main Street Zulus is a perfect distillation of this feeling. It’s the latest single from The Margaret Hooligans, the fourth in their upcoming album entitled ThunderHole Rock n’ Roll, which is set to release in the latter half of the year. The song is backed by Mr. Strontium’s thundering drums and headlined by Meg Cratty’s commanding vocals, where she bursts out the frustrations of someone trying to endure the worst blind date imaginable.

The rage and vexation is palpable as a cacophony of distorted guitars and clashing cymbals enter the scene, slowly capturing the nightmare that our viewpoint character can’t wiggle away from. “I can’t stand the air you breathe, and I will take you down, but I can’t escape”, Meg Laments as the jittering noise of clashing tones and rhythms enter the soundscape. 

The Margaret Hooligans certainly have a knack for expressing themselves through the gritty medium of rock, which makes us more excited for their upcoming full release. Their previous singles, Alley Cant Stomp and Revenge of the Scarjo are equally as brilliant and full of attitude.

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