BuzzyBand’s favorite Hooligans are back again! That’s right. The Margaret Hooligans are releasing their latest single Driver! This is the sixth track from their highly-anticipated album Thunderhole Rock n’ Roll, and the third one we’ve reviewed so far. This time the duo of Meg Cratty and Mr. Strontium expresses their rage at the American prison industrial complex and how it is fueled by capitalism and racial injustice.  

The Hooligans have channeled their most primal energies into this tightly-knit song. Meg repeats the word “Attica”, referring to the Attica prison riots of 1971, which came about due to inhumane living conditions. Decades later, the situation is still as bad. Incarceration has become a way to sweep the problems of wealth inequality under the rug. “Two wrongs don’t make a right”, Meg exclaims, but this broken system is now too big and lazy, and its beneficiaries too are rich to do something about it.

How Meg on the electric ukelele manages to match the energy of Mr. Strontium on the drums is something that continues to baffle the mind. The Margaret Hooligans have a raw and energetic punk/garage sound that perfectly channels the range and sentiments of the world today. True art is a reflection of life, and Driver! is a stark look at one of our biggest issues. This is the kind of music that demands to be heard. 

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