Superman, the latest single from London based indie rock outfit The Graft is so full of hooks that it’s sure to snag you into several different lines once you dive into its proverbial waters. At first I gravitated to its tasty main riff, then to its groovy bass and drums, then I fixated on lead vocalist Pete Carr’s performance and swagger that mirrors The Stone’s Jagger. Another inescapable highlight is Kaya Affleck on the backing vocals, who in her stunning performance, adds more heat to this already steamy song. 

Superman tells the story of a person looking for love and wanting to be the Man of Steel for his ultimate Kryptonite. The single serves as the beating heart of The Graft’s latest album Chirpse. It may sound like a completely optimistic song but our narrator is aware that such a relationship could also come crashing down. There’s an interesting dynamic of strength and weakness going on, which coincides with the call and response style that Carr and Affleck engage in with their performance. The best thing about it is how catchy and tight all of the rock elements are that the song is perfectly enjoyable without thinking too much about it. It’s the perfect companion for a night of rocking out or dancing. 

Check out Superman from the album Chirpse right now!

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