The Good Neighbors releases a romantic dream in their latest single “Moonlight Shoreside”. This Buffalo, NY-based project is a collective led by songwriters Conner Getz and Jaco Frasier. They’ve decided to band together various artists and friends with different musical backgrounds, blending their unique brew of jazz-infused indie pop. 

This song is a psych-fueled nostalgic trip that captures a magical moment in time. Two romantic hopefuls skirt the line between friendship and love, trying to find their place in each other’s hearts as the night gets deeper and the waves crash in from the shore. There is a palpable tension as the two hesitate, caught between the swirling melodies and groovy bassline, and capturing the heat as their bodies touch underneath the full moon.

The idea for Moonlight Shoreside was first conceived in 2019, but it went through a slew of revisions before hitting the right spot in evoking the core memory that first inspired it. The patience has paid-off immensely as the song hits exactly the right balance. It has a lovely soundscape which really captures the magic of finding love at the right time.

The Good Neighbors are hitting their stride and definitely have what it takes to make it big. Follow them through your favorite streaming sites.

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