The Gas Widows set the scene aflame with their new single She Starts Fires.This song is about someone you damn well know is bad news but you still can’t look away. The Gas Widows style of groovy punk and the grittiness of their production shines through in this particular subject, painting a dark underground with an interesting character and story. This particular arsonist’s tale is set to sweep the whole nation. She Starts Fires is abrasive and melodic, with unconventional sounds that you’re likely only hear on this song. A combination of industrial sounds roar across the soundscape, mimicking the alarms that go off when a building is on fire. Wanting to dance to an alarm signal is not something you feel everyday, but that’s exactly what the band has pulled off here.

The Gas Widows keep things simple but there’s nothing easy or trivial with what they’ve accomplished. Looking at their output so far it’s clear that they have intentionality behind their art, and if they could build it up even further they’d have a signature sound that’s in a league of its own. She Starts Fires is a versatile romper, capturing the essence of rock while also matching a nightclub vibe. Check The Gas Widows out and watch their flame go bright.

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